EthCC 6 Paris: SpaceShard recap

From July 17-20, SpaceShard had the pleasure of attending the sixth edition of the Ethereum Community Conference - EthCC6 Paris.

From July 17-20, we had the pleasure of attending the sixth edition of the Ethereum Community Conference. EthCC 6 took place in the heart of the beautiful city of Paris 🧑🎨 🇫🇷, drawing a record number of attendees eager to explore the latest advancements in Ethereum and the broader blockchain industry.

The conference spanned several days and featured an impressive lineup of speakers, workshops, hackathons, panel discussions, side events, and parties, making it an exceptional opportunity for networking and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and breakthroughs.

Can you guess what was the main topic of this year's EthCC?

We’ll give you a clue. It has to do with Zero-Knowledge.

Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum founder, was speaking about the history of Account Abstraction. It was amazing to hear the man himself talking about the most groundbreaking technology that blockchain has ever built!

Account abstraction is the use of smart contracts called "account contracts" to manage Ethereum accounts, now commonly referred to as "smart accounts." This allows users to create non-custodial wallets as programmable smart contracts.

Builders in the ecosystem are already developing wallets that support account abstraction, as well as Layer 2 solutions that also facilitate this feature. This progress represents a significant step towards making Ethereum more accessible and user-friendly, paving the way for wider adoption in the future. Brace yourself for game-changing advancements in scalability, security, and adoption. The future of Ethereum and web3 is bright!

Speaking of L2, Starkware had a few big announcements too!

Starknet Foundry 0.2.0 — a blazing-fast toolkit for developing Starknet contracts— was released, with crucial updates and improvements, designed to revolutionize the Starknet contract development landscape.

Also, the Quantum Leap upgrade for Starknet was deployed and consistently achieved a throughput of 37 transactions per second (TPS) during its public testnet, with peaks of 90 TPS. The latency for transaction inclusion was routinely below 10 seconds, which significantly exceeded StarkWare's target of 15 seconds and was comparable to the Ethereum mainnet.

There were a lot of great side events and amazing after-parties! We were all over the place, wanting to be everywhere, all the time, at all time! Or to put it simply - we were very much in Everything Everywhere All at Once vibe 😆 but in a good way!

Overall experience: let’s do it again!!! Which is why for the end, all we have to say is:

P.S. BTW, the good news is if you missed EthCC Paris this year - you can catch up with everything at https://ethcc.interspace.chat/

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