SpaceShard landed the rocket on these moons so far.



DeFi pooling made easy >> 1-click DeFi . Interact with your favorite L1 protocols, at a fraction of the cost of L2!


Chainlink on Starknet

We are supporting Chainlink with our knowledge of the Cairo Language, the Starknet ecosystem in general, and communication with relevant 3rd party projects and library maintainers.


Starkgate 1-click withdrawal

Directly in collaboration with the Starknet team, we worked on developing this 1-click withdrawal feature. Now you can effortlessly retrieve your bridged assets from Mainnet without the need to initiate a separate withdrawal transaction. No more worries about forgetting, and no complicated processes!



A library that allows developers to build their JavaScript frontend and easily interact with any local or remote Starknet network.


Starknet Devnet

Speed up the testing of how your contracts interact with Starknet by using Starknet Devnet. It runs a local network aimed to mimic the official Starknet testnet.


Starknet Hardhat Plugin

By using Starknet Hardhat Plugin, you adapt Hardhat environment to work with Starknet smart contracts. Apart from compiling and deploying contracts, you can interact with them and test them through Javascript.

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