Learning about Starknet - Community, Hub & Edu Resources

If you want to get engaged with the StarkNet community and be educated about StarkNet validity rollups, look no further than this article.

Howdy anon!👋

You wanna learn about the StarkNet ecosystem? Is scaling Ethereum something that excites you? Don’t worry fren, we got you covered!

In this article, we will list the best resources - from Discord and Twitter to official websites and educational resources. With that being said, let’s start!


Official StarkWare

It would be in order to start with some official resources:


Why spend 10 minutes reading docs when you can spend 5 hours experimenting yourself? 😄


Everything you see regarding StarkNet Edu is maintained by great people from StarkWare. But they are not alone!

Check out some of these materials out, and make yourself cozy because you are in for a trip deep down the rabbit hole!🐰

Online Playgrounds

Play around with Cairo and StarkNet without having to install anything on your computer!


Don’t be confused if you hear something like “keep StarkNet strange” 😉

Web3 would be nothing without its communities, and StarkNet has, in our humble opinion, the best community in the Web3 space! It’s so growing fast and will only get better in the future! 

Check out what the community has in store.


Q&A sites

Decentralized Stack Overflow anyone?


What if we told you - you could contribute to awesome open-source projects on GitHub, become famous, and also get paid?!  🤯

You can do so by checking out OnlyDust! And be sure to join their Discord.


These are just some of the blogs from our community, ande we encourage you to also write some! 

Security and audit reports

Security is crucial in Web3, so take a look at these resources for tips and tricks: 


Twitter is probably the main source of information for Web 3 communities, so go and follow these accounts (and discover many more):

Meetups & Networking

Remember, it’s always exciting to meet people in the Web3 space - especially if they are building something very cool 💪 We regularly attend these events and they are nothing short of awesome!


Stay up to date with these awesome newsletters:


Check out Argent’s Dappland for an overview of StarkNet’s best Dapps and the comprehensive StarkNet Ecosystem by Alpha Road.

We hope you’ll enjoy the awesome and ever-growing StarkNet ecosystem that we are so proud of!

Source: StarkNet Ecosystem map by @odin_free

If you’re interested in what tools the StarkNet ecosystem can offer you to push further the frontiers of blockchain, check out our List of Useful Tools on the StarkNet Ecosystem.

To always keep yourself up to date, make sure you follow our blog and our Twitter.

Thank you anon for reading, now go deep into the rabbit hole! 

PS. And help us keep StarkNet strange! 😉

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