SpaceShard: The Origins

What is SpaceShard?

SpaceShard is an R&D (research and development) blockchain lab, that works on bridging Zero-Knowledge (ZK) technology and bringing it close to mass adoption.

A couple of years ago whispers about Zero-Knowledge technology started.

At that time ZK was just an experimental technology, for which was believed it will be production-ready in a decade or so. Ten years haven’t passed, and that ‘we need a decade for production-ready stage’ tech is today very much technology in production with many interesting emerging new use cases happening.


Due to the amazing potential of this ZK technology, we decided to dedicate a whole “shard” to the exploration of this space. We are planning to boldly go and explore new blockchain galaxies and use cases, and to expand the horizon on what not only blockchains can do, but also their impact on humanity in general.


Our vision is to build a full-cycle company with its internal R&D department, dedicated business development, marketing, and growth capacities. Down the road a HUB that consists of an incubator and accelerator program for new products building inside the ecosystem.

The company’s idea is to support new blockchain primitives, to build tools to help new developers and products build, and to explore and develop new products and primitives on all fronts — from development to business and marketing.


First partnerSHIP is with StarkWare.

Our goal is to build mass adoption applications that abstract complexity not only of Zero-Knowledge technology but also blockchains, and help improve UX through advantages that STARK technology brings to us.

We want to build teams that will support tooling development for the ecosystem and an innovation lab that will build new primitives in the native Cairo language, but also bridges/oracles and other infrastructure to help create a basis for an emerging ecosystem such as ZK.

We will build additional capabilities in business development, marketing, growth, and tokenomics to help new and upcoming projects build on the ecosystem including advisory from the innovation lab.

We also want to create an incubator and accelerator where our experienced mentors will help on all the fronts, from technical advisory to scaling both on the tech side but also on growth and marketing.

To follow easily what is happening in our space, we will give you a telescope. And no better lenses for that telescope than our Twitter and LinkedIn. You can reach out to us directly at info@spaceshard.io

*This article is also available at SpaceShard Medium.

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