SpaceShard x StarkWare

“That’s one small step for man one giant leap for mankind.”
Neil Armstrong

SpaceShard, as an accelerator, is on a bold mission to explore new blockchain galaxies and expand the horizons of how blockchains can affect humanity. The first step on this mission will be taken side-by-side with StarkWare.

About StarkWare

StarkWare is one of a few blockchain startups that have built Ethereum scaling products using rollups technology. They develop STARK-based solutions for the blockchain industry. StarkWare products enable secure, trustless, and scalable operating for blockchain applications.

SpaceShard x StarkWare

This partnership is on a mission to bring you the future of blockchain technology with Zero-Knowledge Proofs.

Here at SpaceShard, we believe that ZK technology is a great enabler of a more decentralized future. Future in which each of us has access to decentralized infrastructure. The only way we can reach this future is through scaling technologies like sharding, rollups, and ultimately ZK tech that will bring us to the ultimate scalability of the blockchain ecosystems.

Because Ethereum and other L1 are currently slow and expensive, it became clear that only scaling solutions (L2) can help relieve this problem. Although there are some other L2 that promised to solve the issue, we fully believe that an optimistic rollup approach is not enough and is just a temporary solution, while STARK and SNARK technology can help us reach beyond this point towards the ultimate scalability.

We know that the path of this mission is a long one, but we firmly believe that partnership with StarkWare, as a leader in the domain, will help bring much-needed decentralization to all the above. We are determined to help build the connecting layer between the protocol layer and users.


Another fruit of this collaboration will be this year’s Starknet Hackathon in Amsterdam from April 25–26, 2022.

We will be there together with StarkWare team members to help with any questions.

To follow easily what is happening in our space, we will give you a telescope. And no better lenses for that telescope than our Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also reach out to us directly at info@spaceshard.io

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