Reflecting on 2023: A Year in Review and Future Horizons

As we bid farewell to yet another year, it's only natural to look back and reflect on the milestones, challenges, and breakthroughs that have shaped our journey.

As we bid farewell to yet another year, it's only natural to look back and reflect on the milestones, challenges, and breakthroughs that have shaped our journey.

And though 2023 was a very silent year for crypto due to the bear market, it was a very busy year for the SpaceShard team  🛠️

We celebrated 2 years of partnership with Starkware!

Not only did we work on our tools, but we were extensively involved with other projects in the ecosystem, actively helping in shaping and maturing Starknet, visiting and sponsoring conferences, holding talks, workshops and meetups, and actively promoting Starknet wherever we went!


From the tooling side, SpaceShard made some big strides together with the overall progress of Straknet itself. Let’s take a closer look!

Starknet Devnet

We started to rewrite Starknet Devnet (local Starknet instance for development and testing) from Python to Rust, thus creating a new project called devnet-rs (check it out here)

There were two main reasons for this: the first was the transition of the whole Starknet to Rust and the second performance improvement of the devnet itself.

We have many more plans for the devnet in 2024 so stay tuned!


Starknet.js is one of the most used libraries by developers in the whole ecosystem and it’s constantly evolving together with Starknet. The major steps included:

  • Library transition form v4 to v5
  • Support for new Cairo versions
  • Support for new RPC versions
  • Full transition to RPC instead of the Sequencer

Starknet Hardhat Plugin

Starknet Hardhat Plugin is a popular plugin for Starknet, used for testing and compiling Cairo smart contracts.

We added support for Cairo 1 contracts and began the transformation of the plugin from having its own logic to using Starknet.js under the hood!


Abi-Wan Kanabi, the Abi parser for Cairo smart contracts has had its official release, integration into Starknet.js, and support for Cairo 1, and subsequent Cairo versions!

In 2024 it will only get better!

Starkgate 1-Click Withdraw

Our team made a nice contribution to the bridging experience of StarkGate!

Users can withdraw funds with just 1 click, as opposed to the previous experience of having to manually confirm the transaction on Ethereum wallets!

Conferences & Sponsorships

We were very active as both sponsors and guests at conferences during 2023.

In Split during the summer, we held the first Croatian Starknet meetup

We visited London, and Singapore too but we closed the year with Istanbul, which was a huge success!

Blog posts / Workshops & presentations

We wrote a ton of blog posts, and intend to continue doing so in 2024, so head over to the SpaceShard blog.

We held online presentations about Starknet Devnet and Straknet.js on OpenBuild platform , and also about Starknet on Codementor platform.

We also contributed to readers of ShiftMag a very detailed and super comprehensive article about Starknet and Cairo.

Launching Nimbora

We launched Nimbora, a 1-click DeFi pooling product. It is a platform that offers users the opportunity to interact with their favorite L1 DeFi protocols at a fraction of the cost of L2.

Nimbora’s first integration is with Liquity, a decentralized and capital-efficient borrowing protocol on the Ethereum mainnet. This integration brought $LUSD to Starknet, which means that we made it possible for you to borrow LUSD at 0% interest directly from Starknet.  

Nimbora is definitely the project we are most excited about and we can not wait to see how it will continue to develop in the following year!

SpaceShard Future Horizons

As we step into the future, our commitment to expanding the horizons of ZK technology remains stronger than ever. We're excited to continue sharing our ideas and aspirations with you as we journey onward into the depths of blockchain space.

So that’s it 2023, that’s a wrap! Thank you for being so good to us BUIDLers, and we hope 2024 will be even better 💪

*This article is also available on SpaceShard Medium.

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